• We offer a B2B SaaS that provides complete, up-to-date and accurate information of geographic, technical and operational data of critical infrastructure (e.g.: transmission lines). Our solutions allow companies to speed up their decision-making process, and saves time and money
  • Searchable databases of projects in different phases of development, construction, operation or decommissioning
  • Infrastructure key characteristics (e.g.: transmission line available capacity), future expansions


  • Modeling the demand of trips in cities will educate most of the decisions that local governments will make to transform the public transportation. Trends like electrification, ride-sharing, autonomous vehicles and flying taxis, but also electric scooters and mopeds, will transform the urban transportation landscape in the near future. We are developing solutions to support mobility companies
  • We are working on solutions that aim to reduce transportation activity to lower emissions, extend the life of transportation assets, and save companies in their shipping costs
  • The growth of the electric vehicle penetration will soon become exponential. Investments in the charging infrastructure will follow the trend, and finding the optimal real-estate to site charging stations will become a critical problem. Tycho is developing a solution for site optimization which combines distribution grids, traffic patterns and distance travelled by users


  • Overall, land use by humans is estimated to be responsible for about a quarter of global GHG emissions; remote sensing of emissions can help identifying and quantifying the effect of agriculture, and educate companies decisions related to crops and forests management
  • Agriculture represents a large portion of global GHG emissions. Modern agriculture techniques allow crops that cover thousands of km2 and yield high productivity and low costs. However, these techniques often destabilize the balance that the original land had, forcing the use of increasing volumes of pesticides and fertilizers. Tycho is researching applications for “precision agriculture” that will be deployed in the future to help farmers in crop management, at low cost, high yields, and benefits to the environment