Quadrant is a user-friendly platform where clean-energy developers can find all the information that they need for making multi-million-dollar investment decisions

NOVA is a business intelligence tool designed to have a user-friendly snapshot of the growing H2 Market. We collect, analyze and keep up-to-date information about the H2 and related sectors, to support customers in market understanding and investment decisions, through intuitive dashboards and visualization tools.

By filling information gaps, NOVA supplies the trends, patterns and relationships each H2 market participant needs to know. Our product features location and capacity of H2 and renewable energy plants, location and specific information on H2 projects, estimation of capacity of the industrial H2 market by end use application, CO2 emissions at country and facility level, identification of current and potential H2 pipelines and injection points among other functionalities.

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Laura Gómez

Co-Founder and COO

Felipe González

Co-founder & CEO

Adrián Galeana

Head of Sales

Rodrigo Martínez

Sr. Front End Developer

David Sánchez

Full Stack Developer

Tatiana Cortés

Data Analyst

Carmen Noemí Neos

Data Analyst

Nizar Karim Uribe

Co-Founder & BI/Ops Associate

We empower renewable energy companies by providing critical data to invest in new projects

We use a combination of technologies, satellite images, machine learning and spatial analytics to help renewable energy developers

We curate and maintain updated data and display it through an intuitive interface

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