At Tycho Solutions we observe the earth and extract insights to answer complex infrastructure and environmental questions


Companies in developing countries often struggle to find all the information about infrastructure that is critical for their decision-making, due to a lack of robust public sources, and contradictory, incomplete and low-resolution information provided by the governments


For example, a fully geo-referenced map of Mexico's electric grid didn't exist until we created one. We also included key information for decision making, such as the available capacity of the grid. That allowed renewable energy developers to circumvent the lengthy and expensive process of analyzing all the incomplete, contradictory and scattered information issued by the government.

Tycho Solutions


One of Tycho's co-founders was frustrated with the difficulty to find good information about the available capacity of transmission lines for interconnecting projects. He met the second co-founder who had the capabilities to build a computer model to automatically map the grid quickly and accurately with a combination of satellite images, machine learning / artificial intelligence, and electric flow models


Tycho Solutions

Felipe González Rosas

Co-Founder & CEO
Sales, Strategy and Operations

Wind Development Manager for Zuma, one of the largest IPPs focused on renewables in Mexico. Formerly Chief of Staff to the CEO of the same company.  10 year experience as strategy consultant in the energy sector across different geographies (North America and Middle East) and firms (BCG, Kearney, Schlumberger Business Consulting). MBA from the Darden School of Business (U of Virginia), focus on sustainability.

Tycho Solutions

Aleister Montfort

Co-Founder & CTO
Technology & Data Science

Co-founder of BitRiver, a data-science company. Economist and Political Scientist from ITAM. Master’s Degrees in Computer Analytics and Public Policies from U of Chicago, and in International Affairs from U of Calif., San Diego. Worked in the analytics team with Global Strategy Group in NY, and as economist in AECOM (San Francisco). Formerly consultant for the World Bank and as assistant to PEMEX CEO in 2009-10



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